Aatma Records compilation released- The Unity. Features an exclusive track I had recorded specifically for the occasion. Pretty sure there are some of the limited-run physical copies of the release available still, at least as of this writing. Now would be the time to get on that if you're feeling in the mood to show some love. It's really good!

The prolific German radio show Grenzwellen (hosted by Ecki Stieg and broadcasted every Wednesday evening on Radio Hannover) has also released a slew of compilations over the past few years. The latest comp features a track from my upcoming 'A Million Ways' EP. A nice little preview of things to come!

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All music produced with physical electronic instruments, played live and recorded in one take. The backbone of my setup is a eurorack format modular synthesizer, which itself is always changing and evolving. For fun, if you want to check out what I'm running with presently, you can see the current iteration of my rack here on ModularGrid. This is accompanied by a Sequential Prophet 6 along with various other synths and effects pedals. 

Occasionally I'll actually get something on video, so if you have any interest in watching what I'm doing, give my YouTube channel a visit, and feel free to subscribe while you're there if you like what you hear.
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